Covid-19 New & Updates

 Government Guidance

March 2020 onwards

Governments have issued extremely basic guidance for reopening since the pandemic first became known, they understand that giving all the known facts could affect the economy in the long term, resulting in mass job losses, the lowering of GDP, and falling behind countries that do not impose the needed restrictions, lockdowns to eradicate the virus and are following the 'Herd' mentality, with this in mind, they intend to drip feed employers with additional guidance during health, Safety & environmental inspections that will include more control points & restrictions. this will result in infection spikes, localised lockdowns and additional deaths within the population.

Many governments have not provided adequate PPE personal protection, testing capacity & contact tracing, resulting in higher than expected infections and death rates in the population. 

 May-June  2020 Business Reopen sector by sector  

Without adequate guidance, PPE, testing and a contact tracing regime that does not fulfil its intended purpose, the governments netherless allowed businesses to re-open with very basic restrictions, this has allowed spikes in infections and additional deaths as warned about prior to reopening and easing of restrictions. there have been renewed lockdowns world wide with 2nd waves of infection being more volatile than the initial wave. Herd mentality is the result, with unnecessary deaths. Business owners, employers trust the governments guidance is adequate in their premises, this is not the case. business should have independent evaluations to increase the protection they give to their clients, customers and community.

July 2020, The virus is not being contained, Population is at Risk

Scientist  now strongly suspect that 6 different variations of Covid-19 Viruses are in circulation.

Winter is coming, a massive 2nd wave of coronavirus this winter, winter flu jabs to be available to population, summer is the calm before the storm.

Immunity from Covid-19 is not confirmed for people with antibodies. The latest updates include people with antibodies after having been infected lose this protection after approximately 90 days, leaving the person to be liable to re-infection.

The Virus is suspected to have evolved to become airborne.

The virus has been shown to cause potential long-term illness such as thrombosis, and internal organ damage to the heart, kidneys & liver.

Scientist involved with Covid-19 research and response have announced that this winter season (2020) they expect a second wave with a spike of 120,000 new infections

 August 2020

Sanisafe have launched their 'Safe Consumer Guide'  unannounced public access premises health checks. A data base updated weekly. Premises reaching the required standards will receive a display sign that is ideal for use on premises windows, payment counters, websites & social media platforms 

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) recommend that a independent third party, verify Covid-19 control measures taken by maritime industries or management companies on their behalf.


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