Covid-19 New & Updates

 Government Guidance

Governments have issued extremely basic guidance for reopening the economy, resulting in mass job losses, the lowering of GDP, frequent localised lockdowns. A 'Herd' mentality being the 'end game', with this in mind, they drip feed employers with additional guidance during health, Safety & environmental inspections to include more control points & restrictions. 

 June-August  2020  

2nd waves of  Novel- coronaviruses infections have been reported in many countries that reopened their economies too early. Business owners, employers have been recommended to invest in independent evaluations of their control measures to ensure effectiveness and the wellbeing of  their clients, customers and community.


Scientist state 6 different variations of Covid-19 Viruses are in circulation, each virus requiring a vaccine of its own. People can be vaccinated from one strain but still become infected with one of the remaining 5.  

Winter is coming and so are more coronavirus fatalities, as predicted by scientist future effect models.

Immunity from Covid-19 is not confirmed. The latest updates include people with antibodies after having been infected lose this protection after approximately 90 days, leaving the person to be liable to re-infection.

The Virus has evolved to become airborne, can live on materials such as fabric, stainless steel and plastics for an extended period, waiting patiently for a new host.

Covid-19 causes long-term illness such as thrombosis, organ damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys & liver.


Sanisafe have launched their 'Safe Consumer Guide'  unannounced public access premises health checks. A data base updated weekly. Premises reaching the required standards will receive a display sign that is ideal for use on premises windows, payment counters, websites & social media platforms 

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) recommend that a independent third party, verify Covid-19 control measures taken by maritime industries or management companies on their behalf.


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