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 As a result of Covid-19 the future tone of public health  and work & safety inspections of premises where employees, staff and the general public gather are going to substantially change with outbreak prevention & response measures being a major focal point, in addition Insurance premiums are likely to rise for those not adhering to the change of emphasis. 

The government restrictions in regards to  re-opening post pandemic will prevent some premises from reopening and possibly folding, don't be one of them!. With most businesses not adequately prepared now is the time to implement 'Your Plan of Action' to satisfy the authorities of your preparedness to resume normal operations.

You will need to demonstrate that you have undertaken preventative and responsive control measures to protect the general public and your employees. Every year, mostly in winter there are influenza, Viral and Gastrointestinal outbreaks which occur nationally, locally causing staff illness shortages, affecting your  bottom line in regards to revenue. Sometimes on rare occasions outbreaks mutate into international pandemic's.



Wherever your a Single Family, Independently  run shop, Own more than One Shop or Premises, Manage a Franchise as part of Corporate Chain Ownership, Operate an Industrial or Manufacturing site, you must now provide educational training, be able to implement that training to your employees

Sani-Safe-Solutions provide such training in easy to understand format to allow you to maintain the standards required for all post-Covid-19 and beyond






Our training has been designed in simple terms to enable those in the position of being in charge to train and educate their staff and in turn protect the public.

The strategy of prevention and response in addition to public health standards demonstrates an escalation from normal everyday life (green) to red, with red indicating disruption and suspension to our everyday lives.

So, by adding a yellow warning light, businesses have the opportunity for an active response to outbreaks – to delay, contain and eradicate the outbreak. Avoiding red is the aim of the training programme.

Public Health Training in UK Training green 




 Public Health Training in UK Training yellow




 Public Health Training in UK Training red



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