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Contact us and allow us to help you ensure your endemic control measures are effective. 

Sanisafe provide 6 months follow up and emergency support, 

Update your required policy documents with any changes to the governments guide lines.

Guidance made specific to each area of your vehicle fleet ,depots and premises, allowing you to provide your employee's with guidance that effects their role.

Employee, Client & visitor confidence sign that can be posted at your premises, on your vehicles, website and social media.


Viral & disease prevention for industrial type business premises





Our training has been designed in simple terms to enable those in the position of being in charge to train and educate their staff and in turn protect the public.

The strategy of prevention and response in addition to public health standards demonstrates an escalation from normal everyday life (green) to red, with red indicating disruption and suspension to our everyday lives.

So, by adding a yellow warning light, businesses have the opportunity for an active response to outbreaks – to delay, contain and eradicate the outbreak. Avoiding red is the aim of the training programme.

Public Health Training in UK Training green 




 Public Health Training in UK Training yellow




 Public Health Training in UK Training red



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