Sanisafe Solutions is here to help companies safely operates during Covid-19 pandemic with effective guidance

August- Sanisafe launch the 'Safe Consumer Guide', read more about it on the Latest News & update.

About Us, Sanisafe Solutions is an independent global business advisory company, dedicated to helping organisations, companies and independent traders to manage, mitigate risk posed by Covid-19  and provide solutions for todays trading and operating conditions. Sanisafe advisors, technicians and consultants are specialized in their field of expertise, providing a depth of knowledge and a track record that reflects in our results in making our services effective. Our services can be accessed either remotely or through site-visits. Sanisafe Solutions provides tailored specific guidance and consultancy for its clients. Our support includes the necessary implementation, policy documentation, continued support for 6 months and emergency intervention if required. 


Prevention begins with a plan, by use of a traffic light system that the public have an understanding off, Sanisafe Solutions are able to provide achievable guidance. The Traffic Light System demonstrates the escalation of a disease incidence from normal (green) to amber and to red. Our colour-coded recommendations suggest best practice, are precise, easy to understand and easily implemented into existing operations. By putting the system into practice, you can proactively monitor and continually implement safety improvements to contain, delay, and eradicate any potential or actual disease outbreaks and minimise disruption. The Traffic Light System will enable you to demonstrate your proactive determination to your clients, customers and employee's












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Sanisafe-Solutions provides industry specific guidance which is available to download in pdf format and complimentary premises inspections for S.M.E., to validate their Covid-19 secure compliance. 

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