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The International Maritime Organisation (IMO)  recommends that maritime companies, Covid-19 measures are independently verified by a third party, Sanisafe Solutions are now taking booking to ensure your post coronavirus (COVID-19) implementations and compliance is effective, see our support and consultations sections.

Our Mission

Sanisafe Solutions is in the business of providing hotel operational and technical consultation to the 'Maritime' industry, such as but not limited to; Oil-Gas off-shore platforms, Employee accommodations vessels, Deep ocean, Costal & River vessels, Cruise ships, Ferries, Cargo Operations, moored Hotel Ships, Super Yachts.

The Company

Our team includes Industry experienced professional's with extensive knowledge in public health & the VSP. With our strategic partners collectively provide services to the needs of the hospitality providers, either land based or maritime.


Originally founded in 2012 and recently reestablished as a result of the novel-coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Sanisafe Solutions are proud to have maintained a 100% inspection pass rate on all vessels and operations where we have been contracted to provide intervention.

Our Goal

Is to provide dedicated, professional but effective solutions that allows our clients to provide a safe and enjoyable experience to their customers, clients and employee's.

What is the VSP and how does it effect your operation?

The vessel sanitation program was introduced in the late 70's as a result of regular outbreaks of contagious diseases amongst passengers and crew but can be utilised by any maritime company or organsation. The CDC, Shipsan and national governmental health agencies provide regulatory guidelines and Inspectors conduct pre-planned or unannounced visits worldwide. The inspection includes technical operation such as safe drinking water, air conditioning, food areas, accommodations and facilities. Inspection of medical facilities is of major importance in-regards to disease control and prevention. Employee's are questioned on their knowledge as well as application of their requirements.

Failures that involve passenger vessels may receive a recommendation of 'No Sail' resulting in adverse publicity, lack of consumer confidence.

Critical deficiencies include drinking water not being chlorinated to a safe level, refrigeration and cooking equipment being inoperable, bad record keeping and practices and procedures that do not promote a healthy environment. 





Independent consultancy, Is the auditing of your in-house or 3rd party practices & procedures and should be part of your ongoing preparedness in regards to you maintaining your public health & outbreak prevention goals.

Consultation is available for all types or maritime services.

Options to achieve this are; As an active participant, training crew, correcting discrepancies, simulating inspections or as a product quality initiative, with our staff visiting your operation to quantify that practices & procedures already in place are effective. Sanisafe Solutions provide detailed reports of its findings with achievable corrective actions. 

VSP Policy Documents & Operation Manuals

Sanisafe Solutions provide individualised guidance manuals that have been designed to complement and improve as appropriate the present level of knowledge of employee's, this in turn increases effectiveness.

Of particular importance is the reduction of reportable cases of illness caused by various contamination onboard, such as legionella, gastrointestinal, Norwalk and influenza outbreaks. Sanisafe Solutions provide the relevant documentation including; Contact Tracing, Activity Surveillance, meal activity & other relevant record keeping. Sanisafe Solutions will review your 'Water Plan', 'OPRP' Logs and access your 'HACCP' plans, these all help with an onboard investigation to determine the cause of illness.





Sanisafe Solution consultants and staff have developed our skill set to include Novel-coronavirus to assist companies preparing to resume or maintain effective operations., Sanisafe Solutions is able to provide qualified crew with valid STCW certification, provide on-site implementation, guidance and easy to understand training manuals and policy documentation.

Sanisafe provide a *pre-board service, this involves basic VSP remote training as a requirement and part of applications for employment, this enable you to integrate employee's more easily into their assigned duties creating a more seamless operation during manning changes.   

Sanisafe Solutions provide an emergency-short notice  call out service.





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What makes our services special


Realistic Intervention

Sanisafe Solutions consultants have a combined 60yrs of onboard experience in various capacities, performed the same work, under the same pressures to produce results. Our consultants therefore understand what it takes to complete tasks, this makes the learning more understandable and achievable.

Training & Guidance Manuals

Specific to public health & OPRP guidance, Our manuals reflect the operation you deliver. The aim of the manuals is not only to educate but to demonstrate how best practice can be achieved whilst still maintaining high standards within the regulatory guidelines.



Onboard Experience

Understanding manning structure and chain of command we are able to operate in an environment that both management and crew find comfortable, interesting, realistic and achievable. 


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