Endemic Preparedness guidance for maritime industries



Restarting either industrial or passenger operations during an ongoing pandemic requires in-depth risk assessments of restrictions, and implementations of the requirements. The IMO recommend that an independent third party, verifies control measures for maritime industries.

Sanisafe Solutions can either assist you in developing the endemic control points needed or provide independent verification.

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Essential prerequisites include but are not limited to; Designated ports that have the capacity to provide appropriate public health emergency response with a well thought out public health emergency contingency plan.

Monitoring of epidemiological situation, rules and restrictions worldwide.

Repatriations plan in place for employee's, passengers and crew members should the need require.



Written contingency plan/outbreak management plan, that includes endemic control meaures. Arrangements for quarantine of close contacts, exposed persons with negative RT-PCR test results for SARS-CoV-2). Arrangements for isolation of asymptomatic/ pre-symptomatic people with positive RT-PCR test results for SARS-CoV-2)  In cooperation with shore-based laboratories. Training of employee's about coronaviruses and endemic meaures in the workplace. A system in place for reporting cases to local authorities. Being prepared for focused inspection that demonstrate prevention measures you have taken. 



Identifying high risk groups, Information, education and communication. Identifying and providing adequate medical supplies and equipment needed to respond to a case or an outbreak.

Explore options on limiting interaction, physical distancing, personal hygiene measures and reducing face-to-face interactions.  



Guidance on the operations of activities such as but not limited to; Internet cafe's, gyms, Libraries, Lounges, child activities, entertainment venues, Casino, personal grooming and other shared facilities. 

Guidance for the safe operation of shore based activities.



These are just some examples of requirements needed to resume a safe operation. Sanisafe Solutions will help your company find solutions.

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