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Our mission Sanisafe 


Our Mission; Sanisafe Solutions is the business of providing Novel coronavirus (Covid-19) compliance, public health guidance, operational and technical support to the retail, manufacturing, industrial & commercial sectors that help achieve a safe working environment for all.

We are pleased to offer small & medium premises (independent operators) a *complimentary* no obligation on-site visit and health check to ensure safer working together and complying with governmental guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19, has been achieved prior to being inspected by environmental health or health and safety inspectors.

Our team includes Industry experienced professional's with extensive knowledge in public health. With our strategic partners we collectively provide services to suit your needs and requirements.

The Company

Originally founded in 2012 and recently reestablished as a result of the novel-coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Sanisafe Solutions has consulted for many businesses, organisations & passenger shipping.

Our Goal

Is to provide dedicated, professional but effective solutions that allows our clients to provide a safe and enjoyable experience to their customers, clients and employee's.

Pandemic-Diseases & Prevention

Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is here to stay and will join the repertoire of seasonal respiratory diseases, such as the Winter Influenza and Common cold's that constantly circulate amongst human populations, in addition to foodborne disease outbreaks that impact our daily lives in numerous ways including loss of consumer confidence, revenues, staff sickness and product weakening.

How can we help?

Sanisafe Solutions was set up to help you through these and other threats by responding, quickly, effectively and adequately.

Sanisafe Solutions offer a consultancy service to ensure In-house or 3rd party public health contractors are maintaining the required standards 'constantly'.

The tone of public-health, work & safety inspections have substantially changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. A major focal point is now prevention of and preparedness to act quickly and adequately respond to future outbreaks.

We offer industry-specific guidance, in the form of resources that can be downloaded in pdf format and used in training programs, to help you operate safely in the new post novel coronavirus (COVID-19) normal.

The content, covering an overview of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as the approach you can take towards minimising the risk of infection

Sanisafe Solutions have developed a disease 'Outbreak Prevention & Response Plan' that focuses on Covid-19 coronavirus response with prevention control points.

Sanisafe Solutions can provide support in implementation & policy documents and proudly boast an impressive record, unequalled by his competitors in the same field of expertise.


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