Endemic Updates

 Government Guidance

Governments want an open society  for economic reasons, to keep society open post pandemic, the health & Safety Executive, Environmental health inspections will include endemic control points to avoid restrictions to bussiness, the Governemt encourage planning by all businesses for endemic phase.

Endemic Training is provided in PDF form under licence, covering all industrial settingd, the primary sectors that such training is essential is the hospitality & recreational settings


 January  2022  

5 vacinations have now been approved by the UK government. Business owners, employers have been recommended to invest in independent evaluations of their control measures to ensure effectiveness and the wellbeing of  their clients, customers and community.


With over 18 variations of Covid-19 Viruses in circulation, but with the population now having built in imunity due to exposure, endemic protocols are now required. Each varient requiries a vaccine to be tweaked to maintain effectiveness.  

With winter now upon us coronavirus fatalities increase, this is the time to ensure you are doing all you can to introduce endemic meaures into your training for your staff and employee's.

Covid-19  can cause what is termed as long-covid illness such as thrombosis, organ damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys & liver.


Sanisafe have launched their 'Safe Guide'  unannounced public access premises health checks. A data base updated regularly. Premises reaching the required standards will receive a display sign that is ideal for use on premises windows, payment counters, websites & social media platforms 

In regards to the passenger shipping industry,the 'International Maritime Organisation' (IMO) recommend that a independent third party, verify Covid-19 control measures taken by maritime industries or management companies on their behalf.


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