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We have done all the hard work for you. A comprehensive disease prevention and response control training is available as part of your emloyee training requirements.

Consumers nned to regain confidence in your services, that is why Sani Safe Solutions with years of outbreak training have developed this training guidance.



Contact Sanisafe today  for your high-quality plan. Sanisafe have a plan for industry, manufacturing, Administration, office work, leisure, recreation, commercial enterprises & maritime sectors  

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Traffic Light System

Why endemic control measures are so important. We outline a clear strategy of prevention, enhancement and response to businesses through employing a ‘Traffic Light’ system. This three-tiered approach outlines the escalation from normal conditions (green) to red through identifying control points that help businesses avoid reaching the next critical control point (yellow).





Green is the preventive stage where Illness can be prevented from transmitting to other people using control points. Green therefore means that your business is fully active, generating an income and allowing you to live life as normal. Green training is geared towards ensuring that businesses remain safe.

Public Health Training in UK 



Yellow is response, it indicates a sudden increase of illness among people on your premise. An effective response is needed with the aim of containment and delay. Yellow means to be aware, act now.




Entering the red phase indicates an full blown outbreak, it may be local, national or international. Red indicates major problems for your business, employees, yourself, your income and future planning. possibly the end of your business, and with outbreaks come victims, fatalities, don't go there, be prepared.




What is Important to you 

Hopefully its the well being for all! and those you love and provide for. Using basic control measures. lets Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, pass the message Sani-Safe are here to help







  • Governmental Agencies and Departments
  • Manufacturing/Industry
  • Department Stores
  • Show Venues (Cinemas, Theatres, etc.)


  • Shopping Malls
  • Sporting Stadia
  • Places of Interest (Galleries, Museums, etc.)
  • Sports and Social



  • Outdoor Adventures (Camping Sites)
  • Mobile Food Outlets
  • Public Recreation (Leisure Centres, Theme Parks, etc.)
  • Rented Accommodation (Hotel, Motel, B&Bs, etc.)



  • High Street Food Retailers
  • Passenger Vessels
  • Maritime sectors



Get in touch with Sani Safe Solutions today for public health training in the UK that meets the new demands of cleaning inspections and properly safeguards your business against future epidemics.

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